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Health ProElites is a leading organization, specialized in assisting health care professionals around the globe, achieve their dreams of getting licensed and practicing in several countries of the world.

As Health care professionals, practicing in a different country other than that of your training, requires you hold a valid license in both countries.

We initiate and manage your application process for licensure with licensing bodies of various nations, abiding by the standards and principles of your desired licensing body, and see to it that your application is successful.

Currently, our services spans through the following countries:

  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • United States of America (USA),
  • United Kingdom (UK),
  • Canada,
  • Ireland,
  • And more.
  • Not sure about where to practice? Our specialists could provide guidance so as to enable you make a decision.

For your immigration, choose country.

HEALTH ProElites (HPE)

..... Integrity and Excellence

Application for licensure could be full of hassles. we make your application and immigration process easy and smooth. You do not have to worry about anything with Health ProElites. Provide all information/documents we need and leave the rest to us.

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As part of our way of appreciating everyone's effort, we offer referral bonus of $25 for referring anyone to us. This is how it works, refer someone to us, as soon as they make it through the application process and get licensed, you'll receive a call or email from us to arrange for you to redeem your prize.
Ensure your name, email and phone number is written in the referral column.